Wildwood Breeze – Everybody Loves Lucy

Everybody Loves Lucy

Issue: January 12, 2021

If you’ve been to Wildwood in the summer she probably just blended with the many other Canada geese that call Wildwood and the shores of Cordell Hull Lake home.  She’s been here for many years now and each October when her feathered family flies somewhere warmer she stays here close to the marina.  We thought her wing may have been broken but have learned that she most likely has what is known as Angel Wing Syndrome. Lucy doesn’t think of her wing as something that is holding her back, actually, she doesn’t think of herself as an angel either and appears quite proud and loves to squawk, and flap her wings, and enjoys all the extra attention that comes during the chill of the season.

Winter at Wildwood is an enchanting experience. There are three luxury saltbox cabins with complete kitchens that are available to guests, and all 14 acres, the stillness of the woods, the slow-moving river, nearby hiking trails, and the longest boardwalk in Tennessee are also here and quietly waiting. It’s just YOU and NATURE!

It won’t be long and the daffodils will be timidly peeking up through the cold ground. But today at Wildwood not only will you find Ms. Lucy here to greet you, but if you slip down the unbeaten path just far enough you might also discover the family of stoic blue herons in a perfect yoga pose, wood ducks bobbing in the water, whitetail deer nibbling in front of your cabin and flocks of singing robins enjoying the last of the summer treats hanging from the limbs of the hackberry trees.

It’s about solitude.  Wildwood is a sanctuary.  It’s the place to come heal, relax, rekindle, and be with the one you love.

Stay tuned in a couple of weeks for our next edition of the Wildwood Breeze where we will share with you some of the great events and dates you won’t want to miss this coming spring and summer.

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