The River Runs Through Us

Issue: March 9, 2021


On March 20th from 11:00 until 3:00,¬†Wildwood is hosting its 4th annual¬†Adopt-A-Stream River Clean-Up day.¬†¬†We’re looking for a few volunteers to have some fun with us, help¬†pick up trash along the banks as well as the roadways leading up to the lake.¬†We’ll provide the trash bags, gloves, covid friendly necessities, and picker-uppers as well as a light lunch.Water is life.¬† What flows past Wildwood…¬†continues to the sea.¬†

If you can join us, please RSVP by email or by calling 931-653-4360.


The Story Begins

Up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, close to the border of Virginia, there are three springs that drip fresh clean water on separate sides of the mountain. They each gently roll down their valleys and begin to take on names like Clover Fork. The creeks are continuously soaking in the tasty rainwater from all the adjoining hollows and eventually, they meet up with each other and all splash together into Harlan County Kentucky. From that moment on, they begin the flowing story of the Cumberland River.  

The Cumberland flows for 688 miles.¬†It¬†travels from Kentucky through Tennessee, pulling in¬†rivers like the Caney Fork and Stones, becoming the backbone to cities like Nashville and then plunging into the mighty Ohio River.¬†It was the interstate of its time and countless communities along the banks became part of America’s¬†riverboat history. Our hometown of¬†¬†Granville¬†was one of those flourishing dots along the river.

In 1963 the TVA began construction of a dam about five miles downstream from Wildwood to help with flood control and when it was finished the new body of water was named Cordell Hull Lake.

The River Becomes a Lake

Cordell Hull Lake is¬†Wildwood’s home. The Cumberland river is still the current that keeps it a moving body of water¬†and each day tiny drips¬†from those clear springs up in Kentucky still float past our Sunset Pavilion.¬†It’s a fisherman’s lake.¬†The waters are filled with bass and trophy size rockfish.¬†It’s a birder’s paradise¬†and a¬†float in either direction from Wildwood will land countless winged finds.¬†Many boat lovers from¬†Nashville¬†float upstream and have dinner, enjoy lakeside music¬†and stay at Wildood in our¬†transient docks.¬†On both sides of the resort,¬†there are two beautiful coves that are ideal for tubing and water play.¬†¬†If you don’t have a boat, we have¬†kayaks, and¬†top-notch pontoons¬†just waiting.

It’s Hard to Put Your Finger On It

Cordell Hull Lake feels untouched and like you are stepping into an Ansel Adams photograph.¬†One of our prior guests shared, “As I drove into Wildwood for the first time and saw the mist on the lake I had to pull over and watch it dance. I felt like I was back on vacation at Loch Tummel in Scotland.¬†Wildwood¬†had me at hello before I even walked in the door.”When you are on the water you’ll rarely see a building or a home.¬†You’ll often discover¬†bald eagles and storytelling logs floating beside you.¬†The lake is¬†always flowing, sometimes a little wild but consistently inspiring.¬† Cordell Hull Lake is a Sanctuary to discover.¬†¬†

Come join us on March 20th and be a part of something good, something outside, something that makes a difference. WATER IS EVERYTHING!


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