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Issue: September 17, 2020

Bartenders Jake Morrow and Amber Greenlaw-Morrow met in 2012 while working together as bartenders at a restaurant. Passionate about their craft, they fell in love, and after dating for several years were married here in Granville in 2017. Their first introduction to the magic of Wildwood was when they rented out the marina and cabins for their wedding guests. Captivated by the glistening sun radiating off Cordell Hull Lake, little did they know a few years later this would become their home.

Fast-forward to 2020. Jake and Amber both lost their jobs in March due to COVID-19, but that opened the perfect opportunity to have them join the newly remodeled Wildwood Resort & Marina and introduce an elevated bar experience to our guests. This summer they have become the true bartending power-couple.

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‘We needed Wildwood as much as Wildwood needed us.’

When we asked them how Wildwood has inspired the drinks they create, Jake and Amber explained how they’ve loved creating new cocktails that give a nod to the historical town of Granville where the marina and resort is located. The Salt Box Sour – a fall-oriented whiskey-based cocktail with a touch of cinnamon commemorating the tranquil cottage escape or Made in the Shade – a boilermaker, combining beer and whiskey honoring the late Granville campground owner ‘Mr. V’.

Jake is currently working on a smoked old-fashioned for the Fall cocktail menu. They will physically place the bourbon in the kitchen’s meat smoker to give the bourbon a deep campfire taste. He’s still working on the perfect name for this new creation.

Unique to Wildwood are the whiskey flights and bourbon flights. Each flight boasts 4 different whiskeys and takes you on a journey through the deep history of the spirit as you taste the varieties. Amber and Jake are especially proud of the incredible bourbon selection available. John Deane (Resort Owner) has personally contributed to the list with guests in mind. 

“Our goal is to create guest experiences where people want to come back and where we remember what a guest loves to drink,” Jake says. “It makes a person feel really special when they come back after two months, they walk in and you hand them their favorite drink without having to even ask them what they would like.”

Next month Amber and Jake are moving to Granville permanently and calling the idealistic riverboat town home. “We needed Wildwood as much as Wildwood needed us,” Amber said. “It’s been a great match and we can’t wait to grow from here as we introduce exquisite cocktails that are memorable and accessible for our guests.”


Coulple on Wildwood Boardwalk
Jake and Amber got married in Granville in Jake's parents' backyard. This amazing photo was taken on their wedding day at Wildwood on what is now TN's longest boardwalk. Getting married soon? Consider Wildwood.