The Dogs Have Their Way

Issue: February 23, 2021

The Wildwood dogs have spoken.¬†¬†They joined together this¬†winter and after a day spent indulging in milk-bones and chasing¬†the tangy scent of an otter¬†along the shores of the river they came to the conclusion that they need more pals. They voted, brought it up to the powers that be,¬†licked the faces of their caretakers until they said “OK OK, whatever you want”, and now this year Wildwood is even more pet friendly.¬†¬†¬†

Hi, I’m Clover,

a 2-year old beagle and retriever mix.¬†My pet-humans rescued me on June 11, 2020, but I can’t count so I am not sure how long I’ve lived with them.¬†My Mom is the event coordinator at Wildwood¬†and though my job is to stay home and protect the couch,¬†she checks in on me every day via a camera thingy that also somehow spits out biscuits, which is way cool.

For some reason, I despise wheel barrels and giant snowmen (although their noses are very tasty). My favorite Wildwood memory would probably be going kayaking for the first time with my Dad. I did enjoy getting to lounge while he paddled us around the pretty lake and I got so many pats on my head. Everyone thought I looked so cute in my little floating coat and told me how much they liked my name.

Hello mate.¬†I’m a whippet with a family tree
from England

and¬†my¬†humans¬†call me for dinner by¬†the cheeky name¬†Zak. They are some of the kindest pets with two legs that a proper English dog could ever want.¬†They actually¬†rescued me along with my littermate Zoe over 8 years ago.¬† Sadly, my Zoe recently left us for someplace they call the Rainbow bridge, so I’ve been filling in for her by giving my humans some¬†extra kisses and tail wags.¬†It seems to make them smile. I live a life most K9s don’t get to experience.¬†I actually live on a houseboat that is docked here at¬†Wildwood.¬†Guests meet my Mom since she is one of the smiling faces at the welcome counter and my Dad provides evening security, but in the afternoons when they are free, I get to go on sniff patrol around the campus. It’s what I can do to give back.

I love to chase….. ¬†anything.¬†I even once stole a hamburger and in my inner circle, I’m¬†known as the ‚ÄúHamburglar‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†There is one thing I still have to do and that’s to catch Lucy, that wily Canada Goose that seems to have this thing for me and always squawks and hisses when I get in her sight.¬† Well, Cheerio for now!

Howdy Y’all I’m Maxx.

I’m not from the south, but I got to live at Wildwood last year so I’m picking up the southern drawl.¬†I’m¬†4 years old and though I don’t stand tall with my weiner-beagle mix heritage,¬†I’ve got a bark that rattles you¬†like a Lion’s roar.¬† I’ve been traveling full-time in a retro¬†Airstream since I was a ¬†baby and my cool pet-human landed a great gig last year to be a hospitality host at Wildwood.¬†I had to step up my game of course and became¬†the hospitality pooch.¬† Don’t get me wrong, guests liked my Mom,¬†but I’m pretty sure it was all me that got us back for another season. I don’t have web feet, but I love everything water.¬† Put me on a kayak or in a raft and I’m happier than the moment right after I¬†completely demolish a fresh squeaky toy…….¬†¬†Ok, that’s a big lie.¬† There is no better feeling in the world than squeaky destruction….. hint hint future guests ūüėČ

Well hello, Wildwood readers,
my name is Ms. June.

I’m a pure-bred golden retriever and I¬†come from excellent stock. My sisters and brothers are talented¬†show dogs and win all kinds of awards for ‚Äúbest in breed‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†I showed up in my human’s lives five years ago at a moment in time when they needed kisses and extra warmth beside them.¬†¬†Even though my siblings win prizes, I think being a therapy dog is more rewarding. I have good connections at Wildwood.¬†¬†My pet-humans actually own the place so I get to visit, play in the water, get all muddy, discover something smelly and then jump happily in the car to go home.¬†¬†I love a good game of “throw the stick”, but for some reason, I just haven’t been able to figure out how to play “toss the ball” or “catch a frisbee”.¬† One day….

I think the four of us Wildwood pooches are going to team up this year so Zak and I can finally catch that crazy Lucy Goose.¬†¬†I promise we won’t hurt her, Maxx just wants to understand her squawk, and Clover wants to discover what makes her float so easily.

Pet Friendly at Wildwood

Almost half of all the accommodations at Wildwood are now Pet Friendly!

Bring your four-legged family members to Cordell Hull Lake so they can play too. There are several designated walking areas around the 14-acre Wildwood campus along with complimentary pet waste bag dispensers. Up to two pets are now welcome in the following accommodations:
Lakeside Cabins | Tiny Village Cabins | Lodge | Airstream Village 

There is a small fee per pet and we do require proper vaccinations.  You can contact our concierge at 931-653-4360 to learn more and to make a reservation for you and your fur babies too.

We’re counting down the days!

March 5th is the start of our 2021 Spring season at Wildwood.¬†Our¬†Lakeside Restaurant¬†will once again serve up authentic delicious plates.¬† All our¬†accommodations¬†are online and available for reservations. The¬†Holston Cafe’ and ship store¬†will be open 7 days a week and you can count on a¬†calendar filled with live music and events.


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