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A retreat center like none other on beautiful Cordell Hull Lake, less than one hour from Nashville.  The Wildwood Executive Retreat Center serves as your team’s waterfront headquarters for everything from morning yoga to day-long or half-day leadership meetings of up to 40 attendees. Modern audio-visual equipment, highspeed WiFi, and room-darkening capabilities are just the beginning of Wildwood’s corporate retreat experience.  Rethink your next retreat.  Come unplug or plugin and connect your team in a location that will take your breath away.   



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The vision and design of Wildwood’s executive retreat center is driven by its owner, John Deane. Before starting Wildwood, John served as a healthcare consultant working at the intersection of the physician/hospital relationship with over 250 health systems across the United States. He was a frequently invited speaker at over 500 corporate board retreats over 30 years as well as planning and leading executive retreats for his own leadership team.

“The time we spent in retreat with colleagues was invariably the most impactful,” says Deane. “It’s amazing how the power of gathering a leadership team around the fire pit or on a pontoon boat ride can foster breakthrough moments that shape a company’s future. At Wildwood we delight in offering the power of play as a way of inducing innovation and inspiration for our corporate retreat clients.”

The Essential Corporate Retreat – Article by John Deane

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``We had so much fun at our company retreat at Wildwood. With all the changes at out company, it was time to bring the team together to reconnect and refocus. We got to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and bonded as a team while reconnecting with the personal side of who 12Point is.`` - 12Point


``We at ProviderTrust love the time we spend at Wildwood Resort for our quarterly Executive Leadership meetings. Wildwood never fails to offer service beyond our expectations. Everything from the event's planning to the delicious food, the comfortable rooms, the modern audiovisual event space, fun activities, and the beautiful scenery creates a welcoming and fun place to gather and plan. The staff at Wildwood is top-notch, always helpful, and makes us feel like family. They are always ready to help and consistently exceed our expectations. We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary at Wildwood. To celebrate, they created a banner to greet us when we arrived. Thank you Wildwood for the memories! We look forward to many more!`` - ProviderTrust
Wildwood Resort & Marina in Granville Tennessee