Big Memories

Through Tiny Living

Issue: November 20, 2020

“Tiny houses” seem to be the theme of the decade as people realize that bigger isn’t always better and there’s freedom in simplicity. At Wildwood we’ve embraced the luxury, beauty, and cleanliness that comes with tiny living. From the Saltbox Lake Homes to the Harbor Cottage, or even the Village Cabins or Vintage Airstreams — each of these are variations of “tiny homes.”

But none of them feel tiny! In fact, guests frequently comment about how spacious and roomy our accommodations are. So what’s the secret to making tiny living so big?

‘Stay in a Tiny House’

The air is clear, the evenings are crisp. It’s the perfect time to escape to Wildwood with your family and friends as a group for a holiday party or for a weekend. Make your reservations today!

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