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Wildwood has everything from Floating Cottages and a Lakeside Inn to Vintage Airstreams and Cabins in the Woods

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Wildwood offers a variety of boutique-style accommodations on Cordell Hull Lake.  There are two rustic waterfront cabins that sleep up to four people.  We feature a lakeside lodge designed with sustainably sourced modern decor. Tucked away in the woods you’ll find a charming vintage Airstream village overlooking the lake.  We also have a floating harbor cottage houseboat, three saltbox lakehouses, six one-room tiny cabins with queen beds, and a two-story fourteen-room lakeside inn Wildwood is able to accommodate as many as 75 people double occupancy.

All of our guest lodgings are within easy walking distance to the marina, the Holston Cafe’ and store, Lakeside Restaurant as well as the boat ramp and beach area.

Come to the lake.  Let the slow-moving water soothe your mind, refresh your spirit, and awaken your senses.  Bring along a few of your necessities, but we want you to just kick back for a while. Let our caring staff cater to you, enjoy some of our fine cuisines, and let the magic of Wildwood begin.

Wildwood Resort & Marina Map
Map of Wildwood Resort & Marina

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Low Country Lake Home – Whip-poor-will

From: $0.00 Night

The Low Country Lake Home is a “tiny” modular chalet inspired by the marshlands and coastal...

Saltbox Lake Home – Warbler

From: $0.00 Night

The Saltbox Lake Home is a “tiny” modular chalet possessing all the latest in modern home...

Village Cabins

From: $0.00 Night

Wildwood has six cedar-sided Village Cabins configured around a common fire pit. These are custom-built, one-room,...

Lakeside Inn

From: $0.00 Night

Wildwood’s new Lakeside Inn offers fourteen modern accommodations.  The Inn sits right on the river’s edge...

Saltbox Lake Home – Cardinal

From: $0.00 Night

The Saltbox Lake Home is a “tiny” modular chalet possessing all the latest in modern home...

Harbor Cottage

From: $0.00 Night

Imagine waking up on the water with a view of Cordell Hull Lake all around you. ...

Wildwood Lodge

From: $148.16 - $181.09 Night

Wildwood’s lodge offers four designer accommodations all crafted with love and sustainably sourced material,  providing a...

Lakeside Cabins

From: $224.99 - $257.91 Night

There are two original cabins still on the campus of Wildwood. They have a rustic charm...

Airstream – Loretta

From: $0.00 Night

This airstream is named after the coal miner’s daughter.  The queen of country music now has...

Airstream – Patsy

From: $163.53 - $185.48 Night

Patsy can give you chills when you hear her sing “Crazy” or  “I go out walkin’...

Airstream – Dolly

From: $163.53 - $185.48 Night

This vintage airstream is named after the one and only Dolly.  Spend the night in this...

Airstream – Emmylou

From: $0.00 Night

Who else can deliver a song aching with sadness and passion quite like Emmylou Harris?  Perhaps...

Airstream – June

From: $163.53 - $185.48 Night

June once reminded us to “Keep on the Sunny Side, always on the Sunny Side.”   We...

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